Wanganui Aero Club

The Wanganui Aero Club was established in 1929 and was one of the first flight training establishments in New Zealand.

The Club has been training recreational and commercial pilots for over seventy five years. 
Based at the Wanganui Airport, the club is operating at an uncontrolled airport with minimal congestion, which means you waste less time on the ground holding for other aircraft and more time flying. 
The Club offers training from introductory flight training through to commercial licence and instructor ratings. 
There are also a wide range of club trips and competitions to participate in.

Flying is not as expensive as you may first think, Wanganui Aero Club offers some of the best aircraft training rates in the country.

Our aircraft is charged out at an hourly rate. Dual training is with an instructor on board, and Solo hire is when you are flying by yourself.
We believe giving you a clear idea of the cost will avoid any surprises down the line

PA38 Tomahawk Training
PA38 Tomahawk Solo Hire
$210 p/h
$190 p/h

Instructor hire for own Aircraft $57.50

Introductory Flight (30 min) $120.00

PPL Packs - Steps to your licence
1. 'Flying Solo' Pack (15 lessons + Equipment) $3600
2. 'Consolidation' Pack (8 Lessons) $1800
3. 'The Builder' Pack (12 Lessons) $2300
4. 'Advanced' Pack (12 Lessons) $2500
5. 'Finishing Touch' Pack (5 Lessons) $1100\\
You can start learning to fly or just enjoy the experience with a flying instructor. 
A Gift for friends and relatives - grandchildren and grandparents all ages. 
A prize for club draws and competitions. 
A reward for outstanding students. 
In recognition for hard working employees.
A Thank you for brilliant team members. 
A Thank you for exemplary citizens. 
A Holiday Treat.

Wanganui Aero Club stages various aviation events & competitions throughout the year such as forced landings without power, bombing, life raft dropping, aerobatics, inter-club fly-ins to name but a few. Non members are welcome to come along and get involved with the ground judging or just watch the fun and enjoy a BBQ. If you are really lucky you may even get a free flight..
Wanagnui Aero Club can also arrange charter flights.
For information about learning to fly, aircraft rates, Purchase a Flight Voucher, and any other questions please contact Andrew Mercer Chief Flying Instructor at Wanganui Aero Club, phone 06 345 0914 or e-mail your request to

Wanagnui Aero Club
Airport Road, Putiki, Wanganui
Postal Address: PO Box 615, Wanganui 5015
Phone: 06 348 9200 
Fax: 06 345 0914

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